Custom Dreadnought Guitars – Built by 2GL

Dreadnought size guitars were originally developed by the C.F. Martin Guitar Company.  The first dreadnoughts were built in 1915 but were discontinued for lack of sales until the 1930’s. The dreadnought guitar is now the most popular and copied acoustic guitar in the world. Those Martin dreadnoughts built prior to World War II now comand prices in excess of $30,000.Our dreadnought guitars incorporate the design and workmanship of those pre-war Martins plus aesthetic touches found only on instruments coming out of custom shops.  Pictured dreadnought has mahogany back and sides, spruce top, 24.9 inch scale length, mother of pearl diamond fret markers, custom rosette and pick guard. As with all our guitars, a hard shell case is included.

Dreadnought Guitar

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